Maintaining the correct temperature and humidity are critical when storing wine. Whether it be a traditional cellar in a private house, a bespoke glass cabinet, a wine room or a wine wall in a restaurant, it is important for the wine to be stored at a constant temperature to ensure quality is maintained.

We frequently work closely with architects and consultants and have an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of wine storage solutions. 

Quality in Control

It is generally accepted that a temperature of 12 degrees Centigrade and a humidity of 65- 70% are the optimum conditions for wine storage.

Humidification ensures corks do not dry out, which can compromise the seal and prematurely age the wine. Excessive humidity, however, can risk damaging wine labels, which may hinder identification and affect potential resale value. Humidity control is, therefore, an intrinsic part of maintaining optimum conditions to preserve the wine.

Controlling this environment is critical so it is prudent to have a quality climate controlled product to prevent any  fluctuations in temperature or humidity.



At Heronhill, we recognise that the discerning wine connoisseur will not want to see, or hear, any cooling equipment. We therefore take pride in selecting the right product for each application which sympathetically blends in with the surroundings.

As the leading supplier of wine cellar cooling in the UK, we specialise in the best equipment available.  We represent both Friax and Wine Guardian whose systems can be discretely hidden ensuring that noise is kept to a minimum and the integrity of the design is maintained.